Case Studies

Problem: XYZ is a leading manufacturer of Mono Block Chairs and Tables. With headquarters in India, the company produces a wide range of chairs with exquisite designs and styles. These chairs are commonly used at Homes, Offices and other commercial places. 

Earlier the manufacturer was spending 1-2 hours for preheating the polymers and then he used to transfer the mixture into the hopper for further manufacturing of the Chairs. But, this was time consuming which further resulted in extra manpower cost, electricity, less productivity and lesser profit.

Problem:  ABC, a manufacturer based in India specializes in Molded Components of unique design. The company molds an extensive range of Cabinets, AC Parts & Washing Machine Parts. The manufacturer was spending a reasonable amount in the process of preheating. He was further spending a lot of money for manpower who used to mix and transfer the mixture to the hopper.