Manufacturer of monobloc chairs in recycled PP gets better quality by using EliHeat


Good Quality Chair Manufacturing Company** is a leading manufacturer of Mono Block Chairs and Tables.

With headquarters in Ghaziabad, near New Delhi, India, the company produces a wide range of chairs with exquisite designs and styles. These chairs are commonly used at Homes, Offices and other commercial places.

The customer uses recycled PP. Earlier the manufacturer was spending 1-2 hours for preheating the polymers and removing the moisture. After that, he used to transfer the mixture into the hopper for further manufacturing of the chairs. But, this was time consuming which further resulted in extra manpower cost, electricity, less productivity and lesser profit.


The manufacturer switched to using EliHeat - Grade 50 and the problem was cured completely. As, with the addition of Eliheat - Grade 50 to the polymer mixture, the preheating time was eliminated. Further, moisture related problems like silver streaks were removed.

Moreover, since Eliheat-Grade 50 gets mixed into the mixture easily and no preheating is required, the company is able to save the manpower handling cost and their average cost.


Now Eliheat-Grade 50 has made their manufacturing process easier as all the process does not need any headache or extra effort. Eliheat-Grade 50 immediately removes all the moisture content from the polymers, enhances strength in the impact properties of the recycled polymers and also improves the gloss and surface finish in the monobloc chairs.

** Name changed for keeping customer identity anonymous.