Molded Components manufacturer, saved electricty to a substantial extent


ABC, a manufacturer based in India specializes in Molded Components of unique design. The company molds an extensive range of Cabinets, AC Parts & Washing Machine Parts. The manufacturer was spending a reasonable amount in the process of preheating. He was further spending a lot of money for manpower who used to mix and transfer the mixture to the hopper.


But, after watching our Eliheat ( How to use ) training video, he asked for a free sample and ran a trial. As soon as he added Eliheat to the mixture, he realized that Eliheat eliminated all the preheating time because of which heavy cost on electricity and man power was wasted.


Eliheat removed the moisture content immediately from the polymers and saved his electricity to a substantial extent which was worth appreciating for us.

Now the customer is using Eliheat and delivering a superior range of Molded Components all over India.