Frequently Asked Questions on EliHeat

The essential facts about EliHeat are :

Question1: What is EliHeat?

Answer: Eli Heat™ is a unique additive which powerfully eliminates the preheating of polymers.

Question2: What are the benefits of EliHeat?

Answer : There are many benefits, these are listed below.

  • Eliminates preheating
  • As a result, it reduces electricity
  • Reduces man power handling cost
  • Enhances strength and gloss in final product

Question 3: What is the recommended dosage of Eliheat?

Answer: The suggested dosage for using Eliheat is 2%-3%

Question 4: In which part of Asia EliHeat is distributed?

Answer: India

Question 5: What it does?

Answer: Eli Heat™ reacts with H2O molecules when it is in the process of conversion into vapor and gas to form compounds that are stable at high temperatures. This prevents generation of free vapor and gas that would have damaged the product. Eliheat successfully eliminates the preheating process required before the manufacturing of Plastic products. Thereby, giving the best outcome in lesser time.

Question 6: How is it beneficial to the injection moulding/extrusion?

Answer: Eli Heat™ has found wide acceptance from Injection Moulders across the globe, as it eliminates the need for preheating in PP, HIPS and ABS

Question 7: In what form it is available?

Answer: It is available in off-white granules form.

Question 8: With the use of Eliheat, does it make any change in the properties?

Answer: No, it does not. Rather, it enhances the mechanical and optical properties. That is, it improves impact properties and enhances strength and gloss in the final product.