Features and benefits of Eliheat

Eliminates preheating

Usually, it takes 1-2 hours for preheating of polymers. Eliheat eradicates all the preheating time and merges well with other polymers within 5-7 minutes. Also, it removes the moisture content from the mixture.

Enhances physical properties of polymer

Eliheat does not degrade the properties of the polymers. In fact, it enhances the impact properties upto 10%.

Improves surface finish and gloss in final product.

Eliheat eliminates moisture related surface defects and enhances the surface finish of the end product.

Easy to use

Eliheat is extremely to use. The recommended dosage is 2-3%. Eliheat mixes well with other polymers and removes all the moisture from the mixture as well.

Reduces costs

Eliminating preheating saves time, effort, average cost, electricity and manpower handling cost, making Eliheat an effective cost-saving solution for the injection molders.