Applications of Eliheat

Plastic Cabinets

In recycled HIPS Cabinets, moisture is a big issue which creates silver streaks. With the help of Eliheat, moisture can be eliminated without even preheating. The suggested dosage for the additive is 2%-3%.

Plastic Furniture

Apart from removing preheating in raw material, Eliheat improves the surface finish and gloss in the final product. We deliver the additive in tight packaging and assure safe transit for the utmost convenience of the customers.

House hold Items

House Hold items like Jar, Container, Medical Inhaler Pump are manufactured using recycled plastic.

Eliheat, a new generation additive effectively removes the preheating process and thereby saving time and cost, it brings gloss to these plastic products.

Molded Components

We offer Eliheat, a unique additive that eliminates preheating completely in PP and HIPS components. Also, it improves the mechanical strength.